Canada has eased Covid-19 requirements for travelers

Canada has eased Covid-19 requirements for travelers

Canada has eased Covid-19 restrictions on travelers and it is good news for travelers who want to move to Canada during the pandemic. Now travelers can move to Canada with an antigen test and the best part is that unvaccinated children are no longer have to be quarantined.

Covid-19 requirements for travelers

A pre-arrival antigen test will be done for all the fully vaccinated travelers to Canada. In addition to that unvaccinated children will have to be kept in isolation for 14 days upon arrival to Canada and all Canadian international flights are soon to be resumed.

However, in any case, if a vaccinated traveler is chosen for a random test upon arrival then he or she will not have to be quarantined while waiting for the results of the test.  Another conditioner is that the pre-arrival antigen test needs to be approved by the home country of the travelers and the test should not be taken more than 24 hours before the scheduled flight to Canada. The test must be properly administered by any healthcare bodies or by laboratory and a quick test without proper administration is not sufficient to fulfill the Covid 19 entry requirements for Canada. Travelers are also given the option to conduct PCR tests within 72 hours before arrival to Canada. Moreover, unvaccinated travelers are still quarantined for 14 days and need to be tested on arrival.

Canada is going to adjust its traveler advisory to level 2 from level 3

This means that the government is not going to avoid travelers for non-essential purposes and the ministers are still want travelers to understand the risk of traveling during the pandemic. The traveler minister has also made sure that this restriction will be further eased down if the rate of hospitalization decreased in the coming future.

Border measures are also expected to be reduced

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s public health officer is looking forward to attaining more suitable strategies to manage Covid -19. However, provincial governments in Canada are doing away with the requirements of passport vaccines.  By mid-March, the province, of Manitoba is going to lift Covid -19 restrictions. Ontario is sticking to the plans and timelines to lax the measures of public health. Alberta, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have also recently announced that it is also going to ease the Covid-19 restriction on travelers.

However, WHO has also emphasized that  travel measures like  testing, masking, and quarantining should be based on risk assessment  and should not put a financial burden on travelers across the globe,


Canada has eased Covid-19 requirements for travelers

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