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Welcoming Week2022 educates Canadians and newcomers about the positive aspects of immigration.

Since 2018 the campaign of IRCC Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has been spreading knowledge about the benefits that immigration could present to Canada through an “immigration matters campaign”.

The designated name of this campaign is Welcoming Week2022. It serves two purposes: to educate Canadians on the importance of immigration to Canada and to make potential immigrants aware of the benefits they could receive in Canada. To achieve the campaign of IRCC this purpose the campaign featured community events has a website that shares immigration success stories and provides information on how the immigration system works along with ways that Canadians can get involved with immigration initiatives in their communities.

In recent years Canada has opened its borders to an ever-increasing number of immigrants and is estimated to welcome approximately 432,000 new permanent residents by the end of 2022 as Canada believes immigration to be the key to solving its lack of labor workforce problem and would help in developing its economy further.

Reasons why immigrants make Canada their home

There are quite a few reasons why immigrants decide to stay in Canada after living there for some time,campaign of IRCC a major one being the economic opportunities and stability. With more and more immigrants choosing this option it has resulted in an 85% retention rate of permanent residents in Canada. Moreover, in accordance with the campaign data, a majority of the immigrants make the same as a natural-born Canadian within 12 years following their immigration however, in regards to skilled workers who have prior Canadian work experience like those who immigrate through any  Express Entry program take even less time to get accustomed to living in Canada.

Furthermore, research in the history of Canada has shown that the Country has great achievements in helping refugees during times of crisis. It is stated in the UNHCR reports that since 1959 over 700,000 refugees have been settled in Canada and this is going on even today as Canada continues to accept refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Why Canada requires immigrants

A major reason why Canada is currently in need of talented workers is because of the aging population. It is estimated that by 2030 over 9 million of the Canadian population will have reached the retirement age of 65 and Canada does not have enough replacements within the remaining Canadian population to replenish these numbers. With this being the case Canada has no choice but to rely on immigrants to fill up the empty positions in the workforce.

There are currently more than a million job vacancies in Canada followed by a 4.9% unemployment rate which is very high for Canada when compared to its previous level. This predicament has led to there being a shortage of labor in multiple important sectors within Canada such as the Health care and Social assistance sectors.

For more information refer to recent data from Statistics Canada

It is only thanks to immigration that a large part of vacancies in the health sector can be filled. According to data from the 2016 census immigrants make up one-fourth of the health care workers. They make up a substantial proportion of many health care occupations such as the following:

  • 35% of nurse aides and related occupations

  • 23% of registered nurses

  • 39% of dentists

  • 36% of physicians

  • 37% of pharmacists

  • 54% of dental technologists and related occupations

Furthermore, immigrants also make up 33% of all business owners with paid staff in industries. Currently, there are more than 600,000 self-employed immigrants in Canada with over 260,000 of them have paid employees.

 The majority of accepted applicants are skilled immigrants

In order to maintain a sustainable population growth rate in Canada along with providing sufficient means to support the labor force and economy, the government develops an Immigration Levels Plan every year that will serve as a criterion for future immigration acceptance for at least the 3 years following its implementation. The plan that is currently in use is estimated to have the new immigrants making up 1.14% of the Canadian population by 2024. The plan also focuses on admitting almost 60% of all immigrants from the economic class to promote economic growth.

Following this plan has led to almost 138,000 candidates among the total number of immigrants so far in 2022 being from the economic class. Doing this is important for Canada because as more workers retire after reaching retirement age there will be less income tax being paid by the Canadians for supporting federal and provincial expenses such as infrastructure,campaign of IRCC pensions, and healthcare systems therefore economic immigrants are needed since they are mostly young when they immigrate to Canada and still have many working years left.

Immigration matters campaign of IRCC describing the benefits of Immigration

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