Australia’s permanent Visa

Australia’s Permanent Visa Updates

After the outbreak of a pandemic, due to closed borders, Australia’s permanent visa places are yet to be filled. Government is expecting is to issue 160,000 permanent visas for this financial year. 

Occupation List Priority Skills

Registered nurses Occupation is given priority status for overseas applicants. This occupation will be allowed fast-tracking for temporary visas and travel exemptions. This occupation is added in September and among those 17 occupations which are added recently. This recent Occupation list includes mechanical engineers, doctors, psychiatrists, IT professionals, Construction project managers, chief executives and managing directors. This is the best option for temporary visa holders who have these skills, their applications will be fast-tracked. 

The new list is welcomed in the business sector as it is considered to help the economy in the post-pandemic era. By getting immigration by these skilled visas one could be eligible for permanent residency. Due to border closure and certain measures of COVID-19 permanent places gaps have to be filled by the people already there with such certain skills. 

Growth Ratio in Australia

New migrants are unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions and borders closure. Population growth is falling from 1.6 per cent to 0.2 per cent this year. In fact, the Australian migration level intake is dropped to negative levels. It is happened for the first time after world war 2 and anticipated that it will increase by 2022-2023. The Government has announced 160,000 places per year but the target is not met yet and 140,366 places are just filled. 

Borders Closure

According to economists, Australian international borders should be reopened. It should be opened as quickly as possible and Australia should never shut off from the world. Australia should work on welfare support and prove themselves as an attractive destination. 

Permanent Residency in Australia can be attained through priority skills

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