Australian Partner Visa

Australian Partner Visa, tips for lodging application

Here are some tips for Australian Partner Visa for lodging application and maximise the chances of application. 

There are types of right Australian Partner Visa

  • Partner (Provincial) visa – Subclass 309 which is Offshore
  • Partner (Migrant) visa – Subclass 100 which is also Offshore
  • Partner Visa (Temporary) – Subclass 820 – Onshore
  • Partner Visa (Permanent) – Subclass 801 – Onshore 
  • Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300 which is Offshore

Visa approval assumption:

No applicant is guaranteed success no matter the candidate is married or registered. Sufficient evidence is needed to support your application. The application will be assessed on the basis of genuineness. The relationship should be known to family and friends as a continuing relationship and family support. 

Communication with the partner on a continuous basis:

It is necessary to communicate with the registered partner regularly and maintain normal communication. It will help to demonstrate the nature of relationship and commitment towards it. In this way, the relationship will look like a normal and genuine thing. 

Finance Story:

One has to share more about their financial management as a couple. This thing could be depicted more in a joint account form. Transactions should be done in form of utility bills and rent paid. One can even show authenticity by transferring money from their own account to their partner’s account on a regular basis. 

Record of the relationship:

Records of the relationship should be kept when the department processes the second stage of the partner visa. Keep the photos captured together to prove the continuity of the relationship. 

Updated address of Bills and Letters:

To prove that the sponsor and the applicant live together, they have to show a joint residency. Updated address clearly depicts that you both are living together. 

‘Decision-Ready’ Application:

Partner Visa applications usually take a lot of unexpected time. By lodging, a decision-ready application can prevent further delays as it is lodged with the proper supporting documents. All the information and relevant documents are provided at the time of the application. 

Standard Documents:

  • Marriage Certificate or Relationship Registration Certificate.
  • Bank letters showing joint accounts or mandatory transfer of money.
  • Joint Address evidence.
  • Prove joint assets and liabilities.
  • Evidence of genuineness of the relationship.
  • 888 Forms or Statutory Declarations needed to be submitted along with the application. 

Important Points:

  • As of November 2020, the processing time for offshore (temporary) visa application is almost over a year and for onshore (temporary) partner visa it takes 17 to 25 months. 
  • For onshore (temporary) partner visas one has to live in Australia on a bridging visa during the processing time of application. And for an offshore (temporary) partner visa one has to come to Australia on an approved visa and can stay in Australia for a few months.
  • 888 Forms should be accompanied by the evidence of Australian citizenship. 
  • The current visa should be valid while u apply for the partner visa. 
  • Don’t lodge an application in a hustle or at the last moment. 
  • The partner can not come automatically to Australia if you think you are married. One has to do proper documentation for this purpose. 
  • Timing and place matter a lot when you lodge a partner visa application. 
  • Be honest in details while lodging a visa application.
  • Different applications have different situations. 
  • Police clearance is valid only for 12 months. Do not apply before time.
  • Documentation should be strong enough as there is no interview for a Partner visa.
  • Highlight the important events of your relationship to demonstrate the authenticity of the relationship. 

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