Changes in Australian Immigration Policy

Changes in Australian Immigration Policy

Australian Immigration Policy

Ministerial Directions (A New Pathway for Temporary Skilled Visa)

The following changes are expected to appear in the New Policy


  1. Redesigning the systemTemporary skilled migration program.

Three new pathways for a temporary visa

  • Fast and Simple – specialized highly skilled
  • Mainstream skills – core skills – evidence-based assessments – earning above the threshold
  • essential industrials
  1. Repurpose points test for temporary to permanent.

Creating new areas in the department that identify new skills needed.

B contd. Data-driven approach. JSA will be given the formal role of getting labor shortages. Integrate the jobs market with the migration system. (JSA = Jobs and Skills Australia)

  1. Reduce visa categories and make them simpler
  2. (a). How to manage students. High-skill students are given easier opportunities for easier pathways
  3. (b). Clear pathways for skilled migrants – instead of moving from one visa to another and to another


From July 1 – the temporary skill threshold increased from 53k to 70k

By the End of 2023 – all skilled temporary workers will have a  pathway to PR

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