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Australian consultation shut down on a partner visa changes

The Australian Peak Body for Migration agents is against the Government’s decision on adding the English Language required for Partner visas. As there was no prior warning of adding the English language to partner visas. Now it is revealed in last week’s budget. According to the Migration Institute of Australia, the requirements are still not very clear. 

Not only partner visa applicants but the sponsors have to show proficiency in English to obtain a permanent visa for 2021. Nobody exactly knows how it will work and the media is just publishing information. People are waiting for the implementations and revealing information. 

Further information is expected to reveal over the coming months. All these things make Australian migration harder from non-English speaking countries. 

Australia Migration intake drops

The Australian Government is already suffering as migration intake is already dropped to negative levels. So to deal with partner visa changes the Government runs Adult Migration English Program classes. It’s a way to demonstrate a clear way to learn English. One has to complete five hours of classes every week almost for 2 years. New migrants are already struggling and now they have to meet such commitments. For many, it could take many years to apply for a permanent visa. These above-mentioned requirements are not applied on humanitarian visas for Australian family visas. 

Effects of English Language Test announcement for an Australian partner visa

According to the new policy, there is a reduction in isolation and improved mental health and safety for new migrants. On compassionate grounds, nobody would be stopped from entering Australia just because they can not speak English. Partner visa caps are increased to 72,300 for the financial year of 2020-21. Previously which was 47,000 and priority was given to the onshore candidates. Priority is also given to the people and their partners who are living in designated regional areas. 

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