Australia Urged to Follow New Zealand’s

Immigration Plan

Government response, Australia is facing a challenge with immigration, inciting comparisons to New Zealand’s approach.

New Zealand’s Immigration Reforms

New Zealand has applied reforms to address high immigration levels. It includes changes to work visas and introducing English language requirements.

Pressure on Australia

Australia is urged to consider similar measures due to concerns about the strain on housing, infrastructure, and services caused by high immigration.

Criticism on Government response

Opposition spokesperson Dan Tehan criticizes the government for allowing immigration levels to rise without sufficient planning.

Expert Opinion

Demography expert Peter McDonald suggests Australia is already ahead of New Zealand in immigration policy. It provides the context of the composition of Australia’s recent migration numbers.

Government Response

The government response has acknowledged the need for migration system reforms and has announced plans to reduce immigration levels.

Analysis of Reforms

While touted as significant, some analysts argue that the reforms may not result in a dramatic reduction in immigration and are mainly addressing issues with the current system.

Temporary Migration Trends

There is debate about whether the recent surge in temporary migration to Australia will continue or return to pre-pandemic levels.

Impact on Various Sectors

Migration has both positive and negative effects on the economy. It includes addressing labor shortages but also contributing to housing market pressures.


Australia faces challenges in managing immigration levels, and while reforms are underway. Whereas, the effectiveness of certain measures remains to be seen.

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