Australia new requirements

Australia new requirements for leaving the country in the post-pandemic era

Australia new requirements for leaving the country in the post-pandemic era. The Department of Home Affairs Australia announced new rules and guidelines for leaving Australia on 11 August, 2021. For automatic exemption from travel restrictions for permanent residents with non-Australian domicile and Australian citizens which would be effective from August 11, 2021. All of the travellers who want to leave Australia must apply for exemption on the Travel Exemption Portal. 

Overview of new travel requirements 

Candidates who want to apply travel exemptions along with supporting evidence for the departure from Australia. Supporting evidence include: 

  • Foreign Government issued documentation like Foreign driver’s license, Foreign Government issued ID or residency card and established overseas home. 
  • Residential Agreement or Tenant lease. 
  • Notices for utility bill payment. 
  • Evidence of overseas employment along with employment verification letter, rental agreement or business tenancy. 

If individuals have planned travel and do not meet ordinary resident requirements and apply through the travel exemption portal. And they can apply for the ordinary resident category. 

Changes in terms of travel restrictions

Australian citizens and permanent residents have flexible exemptions for leaving the country. The Australian Government is extra cautious while risks increased after COVID-19 Delta variant. 

Australia and travel restrictions.

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