Australia is planning to Re-open state borders


Australia is planning to reopen state borders 

According to a statement, Australia is planning to reopen state borders to bring people home from abroad safely. All of the states agreed to lift sanctions before December 25, except Western Australia. Although the framework yet to be decided by Federal and State leaders. 

Australia is on a plan to allow more citizens to return home safe. And even working on quarantine stuff. As the government is planning to work over home quarantine or some alternate stuff but avoid hotel quarantine. 

Melbourne is reopened 

Melbourne which is the second-largest city of Australia is reopened now after a lockdown of almost four months. This reopening includes bars, cafes, restaurants and outdoor contact sports resuming. After the outbreak of Pandemic, previously this city was the epicentre of the virus. Most deaths in Australia were from the state of Victoria. 

After the reopening SOPs are followed strictly and people wear masks. Travel is still restricted and no one can travel for more than 25km. These restrictions will also be lifted by November 9 and residents of Australia will be able to travel to other parts of Australia. 

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