Amnesty could cost $1.3 trillion on Social Security and Medicare

Amnesty could cost $1.3 trillion on Social Security and Medicare in the United States. Congress now provides legal status and citizenship to illegal immigrants. According to a new report, under current law, illegal immigrants are the main contributors to Social Security and Medicare. 

As illegal immigrants can not legally receive benefits and partially pay into entitlement programs. 


The outcome for such a decision 

By doing such a thing Amnesty will convert illegal immigrants from contributors into net beneficiaries. It will be imposing a burden as Social Security and Medicare trust funds by Amnesty. 


Report by Centre for Immigration

According to a new report, Amnesty is turning illegal immigrants from net contributors to beneficiaries of entitlement programs by the United States. This large cost will be added to the budget but it is missed. 

Key Points

  • Amnesty will impose a net cost on Social Security and Medicare of about $129,000 per amnesty recipient. 
  • According to a rough estimate, if 10 million illegal immigrants receive amnesty, it would be roughly $1.3 trillion in present value. And if we see it as a present value it would be equivalent to a one-time transfer of 6 percent of GDP.
  • This cost is outside of the 10-years window and it is not included when it scores amnesty legislation. 

The United States and Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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