How to Apply for AIP Canada Student Visa and its Benefits?

AIP Canada Student Visa is Canada’s new and temporary study visa process. For Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Canada has recently made a change in its policy for international students.  In times of these crises international students who wish to study in Canada can do so, even before the completion of their study permit program. The IRCC has done so by introducing AIP (Approval in Principle) program. In this program international students can continue their studies from their respective countries.

The AIP study visa program has two stages in order to ease international students.


The two stages include the following things:

01 : Basic Requirements:

1.  An acceptance letter from Canadian University or College.

2.  If you want to study in Quebec so an acceptance certificate is required. 

3. Evidence to guarantee that you have strong financial background to prove that you can :


  • Clear your dues
  • Afford living in Canada 
  • Go back to your country once your course is completed
  • Revealing your family ties in Canada
  • Prove your intention to leave Canada after completion of your course

02 : Documents Required:

In order to immigrate to Canada as part of your study visa few documents are important (Later on you will be able to travel to Canada, if your travel restrictions have been fulfilled). For the process of study visa these documents are required:


  • For Canadian immigration as part of your study program a medical certificate is needed
  • Bio-metrics
  • Few other documents are also needed e.g Police Security Certificates



AIP Study Visa Program also offers many Advantages to Students:


  • First of all international students can continue their studies online from their hometowns. It doesn’t not only ensure their safety but also allows them to achieve their educational targets.


  • After fulfilling these above conditions, IRCC will assist students who want to study abroad in Canada by helping them to get their study permit as soon as possible even with incomplete study permit applications.


If you want to study in Canada, you can consult with our professionals. Our expert immigration consultants are eagerly waiting to help you get into a Canadian University you dream of studying in. So, don’t waste your time and contact as the deadline to submit applications for this program is 15 September 2020.


Study in Canada


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