485 visa for International students

Replacement stream  

 The 485 visa for International students is for current and former applicants /students who lost time on their original visa during COVID-19 travel restrictions .it lets you live and work in Australia for a temporary time duration.

Big NEWS, due to COVID-19 Department of home affairs made up a few changes to temporary graduates’ visa (485) new requirements. According to the new requirements, all the applicants will follow them.

This visa is for foreign students who have studied in Australia, and if you’ve met all the qualifications/requirements that Australia needs then this visa is for you. And with this visa, you can stay and work in Australia with Temporary graduates.

The Department of Home Affairs made a few changes to visa 485 visa for International students all the applicants are bound to follow the new requirements. The international students can apply from offshore. The graduates only apply for the temporary graduate’s visa (485) once as primary applicants, this visa only applied within 6 months after finishing your courses.


Table of content

1.       Temporary Graduate visa Replacement stream

2.       Requirements for temporary Graduates visa

3.       Temporary Graduates visa periods

3.1. Graduates’ workstream

3.2. Post-study work stream

4.       Eligibility criteria for485 replacement visa

4.1. Add family members to the replacement visa

5.       Temporary graduates visa extensions

 Temporary Graduate visa Replacement stream 

The temporary Graduate visa application for the replacement stream will open on 1 July 2022 for former and temporary graduate visa holders that are impacted by COVID-19

Requirements for temporary graduate’s visa

Requirements for temporary graduate’s removal of skill assessments and occupation nomination. The requirement to nominate an occupation to the skilled occupation list and obtain to remove the skill assessments for temporary graduate visas from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023

 Temporary Graduate visa period 

The temporary graduate visa period is now 3year.

  • Temporary graduate visa 485 is extended for 3 years for Master coursework (previously was 2 years)

And extended

  • 2 years for VET course (previously was 18 months)

Graduate work stream

A visa granted in this stream will be valid for 24 months (previously 18 months). Applicable for international students who have graduated with skills and qualifications for the occupation that are listed in the Department of Home Affairs

Post-study work stream


In this stream, the visa will be valid for 2 /4 years depending on the applicant’s skill qualifications. Applicable for international students who graduate with eligible criteria

Eligible criteria for 485 requirement visa

If you want to apply for Temporary Graduate visa 485, you must have

  • Hold a valid Graduate Visa 485. Held Temporary Graduate visa that expired on or after 1Feb202o
  • Living outside Australia at any time between Feb1,2020 and Dec15,2021
  • Pay full visa charge for 485 visas which is AUD 1,680
  • To support your application submit complete documents

Add family members for a replacement visa

You can also add your family members on this visa 485, including those members who are not included in the original temporary graduate visa. Applicants can apply for a Temporary Graduate visa once in a lifetime.



Temporary Graduate visa extensions!


The Department of Home Affairs will directly inform the eligible applicants. 485 visa for International students visa holders eligible for a replacement Temporary Graduates visa will get the 485 visa extension/renewal to 30Sep2020

It’s a temporary measure, it allows eligible 485 visa for International students visa for International students visa holders to enter/stay in Australia to live and work in Australia until you can apply for and receive a Replacement Temporary Graduate visa in Australia


Temporary Graduate visa 485

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